Sunday, September 19, 2010

NLL The Video Game: A Review

By: Josh Bourhis

Hey everyone, once again I’m back! And today I’m going to kick off the inaugural content blog.  The three writers have written blogs introducing themselves, but this marks the first blog we talk about NLL stuff. Today I’m talking about the NLL video game that came out back when last season was going on.  This is what I thought of it:


  The talks of an NLL video game started way back when in about 2008 when a deal had been made with Activision to make a full fledged game, coming out in the stores.  That soon got shut down because of lack of interest and the issue remained dead for a couple years.  Then earlier this year talks began to come up again with the commissioner of the league and other NLL representatives.  This time they knew a full game wouldn’t work so they decided to start small with a five dollar Indie game available on the Xbox marketplace.  The game features all the players, with their numbers and includes a season mode also.

            For five dollars, the game was worth the money and there were many high points that came from the game. 

1)      The Game Itself:  Getting an NLL game out there, not matter how small it was, gets the word out about the NLL and helps for the future.  This increases the chance of an actual NLL game made by a big game company.

2)      The Controls:  The controls are bang on, relating to the same control scheme as NHL. Using the right stick to shoot, using buttons to deke and a speed burst etc…

3)      Season Mode:  Adding an extra game mode than just play now in a small game like this is important to attract players to keep playing.  The season mode is a full 16 game schedule and has all the things you would imagine in a season, including the championship game.

There were some downsides though:

      1) No penalties: It’s not a big deal, but in the end, that is a part of the game and should be included.

      2) The Graphics:  The Graphics are absolutely atrocious and they are not aesthetically pleasing at all.

      3) The Physics Engine:  Above I said the control scheme is good, but I never said the controls are responsive.  Pick and roll rarely works and sometimes passes fly the other way.  Not to mention that the hit button rarely works.  The players get stuck in the boards, the ball never can fall out of play, and sometimes, there are no line changes.

            Overall, the game is decent, and like I said for five bucks, it’s a great deal.  Hopefully this will be able to spark enough interest for a full game. If you haven't already experienced this game, and are a fan if the NLL, you should give the game a try.

Overall Score: 6.5/10



Josh Bourhis.

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