Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now Introducing...

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing fasmatasical.  My name is Josh Bourhis and Mike and I have been doing our show “In The Crease” for almost a year now and when he asked me if I wanted to blog for the site I was excited. I had heard little about lacrosse when I was younger, but I knew about the Toronto Rock.  It was in 2005 when I watched my first NLL game.  It was the Championship game between Toronto and Arizona.  It was only a couple weeks after that I heard Edmonton was getting a team.   By the next NLL season, I was sitting in Rexall Place, watching one of the most exciting sports I have seen in my life. And what do you know; I began to play lacrosse that year myself. It’s now my fifth year playing lacrosse and it’s my favorite sport.  I have a feeling this NLL year is going to be a good one, with some teams making major acquisitions, and I am ready to cover it to the best of my abilities.


Josh Bourhis

P.S I’m the middle guy in the picture Mike posted.

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