Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Graeme Perrow and I am the newest blogger on the NLL Blog. I am honoured and excited to be joining this team, and I hope we can provide lacrosse articles that are insightful and interesting, or at the very least entertaining.

I don't come from the same background as a lot of other lacrosse fans, in that I did not grow up playing lacrosse. In fact, I knew nothing about it until one of my roommates in university bought a lacrosse stick. Of course, he was the only one who had a stick, so he played a lot of wall-ball by himself. That was it for me until about ten years later, when another friend of mine started going to lacrosse games featuring some team called the Toronto Rock. My buddy's nephew, Shawn Williams, played for the Rock at the time. My introduction to the NLL was not even a Rock game -- some friends were heading down to Buffalo to watch the Bandits take on the Philadelphia Wings near the end of the 2000 season. I tagged along and was instantly hooked. They had season tickets for the Rock that year and I joined them the next year. From the 2001 season until 2009, I missed only one home game, and saw a number of games in Buffalo and Rochester as well. Due to health problems I missed most of last season, but I am back and ready for another exciting season of NLL lacrosse. 

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