Monday, October 25, 2010

The Jersey Shore-Edmonton

By Mike Wilson

If you don't know me, I am a man who is a fan of jerseys. The crazier the better. Just like the one I posted a few days ago. 

This article and others that will follow it will contain the theme of jerseys in the NLL and my opinion on them. 

The first piece...

Edmonton's New Third Jerseys

Josh went on a bit of a rant on these jerseys and I totally agree with him. But this is not about how they look. It's about the door they have opened.

If you haven't herd, read what Josh said.

Its been disused in the NHL that goalies might where ads on there jerseys but it was quickly shot down.

In the Champions league for soccer in Europe, teams are represented with ads on their jerseys, not logos.  I could name a company to a soccer fan and they could instantly tell me what team that company sponsors.  So what the Rush did was nothing new.

We all know why the Rush did it. Money. Plain and simple. In the NLL its all about trying to keep your head above water. 

Now I'll be honest if was McDonalds that sponsored these jerseys I probably wouldn't dislike them as much as I do.

So if teams are having money trouble, why not have a patch or something with a sponsor on it? Money is what runs any league. The Rush have opened a door for other teams to have ads on their jerseys.

Now I'm still not a fan of what they did. Alberta Energy made the jersey all about them. I'm thinking 1-4 patches with a company's name on it. When you sell the jersey, have it include the patch.

But just collect the money-I'm fine with that. But don't sit there and lie saying that you did this to show Alberta pride.

Maybe it was just the company that was the sponsor that pissed me off, not the concept.  

Until then I guess I'll still be rooting for team Alberta Energy. 

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