Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Joisey!

Coming to a city near you.  

A jersey that has never been seen before.  

A jersey...

You will never want to see again.

The Edmonton Rush unveiled their new third jersey this year. Exciting right? nope! Thank god it's an away jersey so our eyes will be saved from this embarrassment.

The colours are decent. The design is bland.  

The advertisement...


If you don't know about Alberta, where Edmonton is located, we have oil, and lots of it, but as of late that is all we care about and really all that people outside of Canada know about.  So how do we show the United States, and all of their lacrosse fans, what Alberta is known for. We put an ad on the bottom of our jerseys saying, "ALBERTA: Canada's Energy Province". 

*pause for Josh's hysterical laughter*

I cannot believe it. Are we playing lacrosse here or are we trying to get more tourism, or more publicity, or what are we doing? We pollute so much because of our oil that it doesn't matter if we supply energy to the rest of Canada. The jersey even proves it because the trim on the black of the jersey is shaped like smoke.

I don't believe its the Rush organizations fault.  In the NLL sponsorships are very important, so any money they will take, but this is a mistake.  We are going to look absolutely stupid wearing these, and when we do, how many people are even going to care about it? maybe 5%.

 I believe the Rush need a third jersey, but they should be making one for the home crowd first. Make an all gold coloured jersey, with a combination of the old barbed wire and the new jersey style.  Now that's a third jersey!!

Be happy Rush fans, these jerseys will never grace your great presence!



the front of the new third jersey

the back of the third jersey

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