Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes Blockbuster Trades Don't Make Sense:Part 1

By Mike Wilson

Huge trades have gone down this  off-season. Two of them involved Calgary and the Roughnecks. Josh Sanderson, the league’s leading scorer last year with 34 goals and 70 assists; and Tracey Kelusky, who was the necks All-time leading scorer. Both were traded. One because of money issues and one because he asked for a trade. Two of the teams top scores last year are now gone. What did they get back you ask?

Daryl Veltman, defenseman Jon Harnett, transition player Kyle Ross, and two first round picks. One pick remains the as necks picked Curtis Dickson from the University of Delaware, third overall back in September.

They got a lot in the first trade where Josh Sanderson was dealt to Boston. (Kelusky went to Buffalo). I'm not saying Calgary didn't get some good players out of this, because they did. But in my mind, I would rather have the star player then a bunch of smaller role players. You never hear the fans suggest that they trade the star for the group of smaller players. No it's "who do we have to send off to get the star?"

While a group of players can contribute to the team, a star can control a game single handily. 

An example is "Dangerous Dan Dawson". When he has here in Edmonton last year he took control of the game. He scored 5 goals and assisted on 2. But it was more then how many goals he scored, it was how he did it. He would stand at the rag line and seem to walk deeper into the zone, and when I say "walk" I mean it; He took his time. Then, in a split second, he would make a cut and rifle the ball into the corner. Nobody knew what happened until the replay.

After plays like that, the defense will try to shut him down. The thing is, you can't. He would cleanly beat the one or two guys that were told to handle him, or he would dish to guys like Gary Bining who had 5 goals that night from the crease.

He either makes his own magic happen or gives someone else the spell. Thats what a star does. 

Heres an interview I had with Dan after the game:

The moral of the story, in a blockbuster trade where a star player is dealt for a group of lesser players, the team that gets the star will more often then not, win the trade by a mile.

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