Monday, November 22, 2010

NLL Team Doughnuts

By NLL Blog Staff

If each NLL team were represented by a Tim Horton's doughnut, here's what they might be:

Calgary Roughnecks: Management took out the two top ingredients, but still believe it will be as good as ever

Colorado Mammoth: Best selling doughnut for years, but doesn't taste very good. (Compare with Stealth doughnut)

Edmonton Rush: Undercooked and yucky for years, but after adding a new ingredient a year ago, is now quite good 

Minnesota Swarm: Plain glazed. No sprinkles, no creamy filling, nothing fancy, but if there's nothing else available, it'll do.

Washington Stealth: Best tasting doughnut last year, but nobody buys it. (Compare with Mammoth doughnut)

Boston Blazers: A doughnut with Chocolate, Gummy bears, and other things that are great on their own, but don't go well together.

Buffalo Bandits: A big bear claw. Soft creamy fillings are for wimps.

Philadelphia Wings: An old stale cruller. People fondly remember back years ago when it tasted really good.

Rochester Knighthawks: Strange doughnut with some of the best quality ingredients. Sometimes they mix properly and taste great, other times you take a bite and get a mouthful of flour.

Toronto Rock: Was one of the most popular doughnuts for a while, then new management changed the recipe and made it doughy and tasteless. After the former management was brought back, it's getting better.

New York/Orlando Titans: A great Doughnut, but it was only around for a limited amount of time.

(With a nod to Down Goes Brown)

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