Sunday, December 19, 2010


By Mike Wilson

During the Christmas season there are 3 colors you will see quite a bit. Green, Red, and White. In lacrosse you can see the same colors. Green being the turf, Red being anything from a jersey to an ad, and white being the ball. Or is it?

From an NLL Press Release:

"The National Lacrosse League is experimenting with a pair of potential rules changes during the preseason. At the recommendation of the league’s competition committee, the NLL is using orange-colored lacrosse balls for all preseason games.

The ball has brought up a discussion. So you may ask how a different color ball could change the aspects of the game.

Lets go into that:

The new ball is easier to see:

Some people have said it would be easier to see for the goalies and some say it would be harder. While playing lacrosse with an orange ball I did find it easier to track. I would imagine that if a runner could track the ball with more ease, so too could a goalie or a fan. The runner gets the advantage of catching more passes to get the goalie out of position. The goalie gets the advantage of seeing the ball better. I would call this a wash and say that the different colored ball would have little to no effect on giving one unit a vision advantage. With the fans also getting the added visibility, I'll give this one to the pro new ball group.

Certain teams can disguise the ball better:

People have brought up that Buffalo could better hide the ball with their jerseys being orange. But using the same logic, teams wearing white jerseys have always concealed the ball in the color of their jerseys. I also heard that people would change their mesh color to orange, but again most mesh is currently white so both points are pure bull crap. 

It would change the game:

It's very well know that..

Thats the argument there.

The Final Verdict:

The orange ball is Mike approved!

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