Monday, December 20, 2010

NLL rule changes (That I would like to see)

By Avry Lewis-McDougall

The 2011 NLL season is one for experimenting as the league is bringing in orange balls during the preseason and changing faceoff stick distance but there are some rules that I would love to see the league test out one day. 

1. Full overtime, sudden death only used in playoffs

I would love to see a full frame of OT, I mean could you imagine the final scores after 5 full quarters? Would be interesting to see a 30-29 shootout or maybe even the ability to see who has enough gas in the tank to go an extra frame. A game might be 11-11 after regulation time but who has enough for one more frame? That 11-11 game could wind up 17-11 very quickly. Why keep sudden death in the playoffs? To keep the element of the sudden upset, I want to keep the chance of seeing an OT game last 8 minutes or 8 seconds when it really counts. 

2. Faceoffs only at start of quarter

Now this may be too radical for the NLL to ever adopt but this would literally create non stop action until the buzzer. How I could see it working is that when a team scores the opposition would have to bring the ball back over half before the team that scored can attack. This would force teams into thinking quicker and see who has the ability to run a truly flawless offense or defense. 

3. Flashing nets

The Ontario Hockey League adopted this a few seasons ago and abandoned it but I think it is a very smart idea to bring to the NLL. The amount of challenges would go down as the light would only flash when the ball crosses the goal line, thus less stoppage time. 

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