Monday, January 3, 2011


By Mike Wilson


“The National Lacrosse League has announced a rule change that affects play within the faceoff circle. During faceoffs, league rules will now require the two opposing players in the circle to begin in a set position with the heads of their sticks at a new distance of eight inches apart. The previous distance was two inches apart.

“We experimented with the concept during the preseason, and found that by putting more space between the sticks of the players in the faceoff circle, the draws were contested with the the ball coming out of the faceoff circle quicker”, said League VP of Operations Brian Lemon. “The faster and cleaner draws triggered a faster transition and more fast break opportunities. Teams would attack the offensive zone faster, which improves overall game flow.”“

Well I haven’t seem this new face-off, but if what Brian Lemon says is true, then I’m going to have to believe him. Though, I find it hard visioning it in my head personally.

The new face-off rule will either ad another step or change the technique completely. I’m very eager to find out which. As well as how face-off guys like Roughneck Geoff Snider will deal with the change.

I’ll tell you this, the face-off in lacrosse is an art, and a hard one to master.

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