Friday, January 21, 2011

Game preview: Rochester at Boston

By  Alex Hinkley

The Rochester Knighthawks head into Boston tomorrow night to face the Eastern Division-leading Blazers. Boston is currently undefeated having already beaten both Philadelphia and Edmonton. If the Knighthawks had trouble with Toronto at home, then facing Boston on the road is going a very tough game.

Boston is an early favorite to win the Eastern Division thanks to combining three of the best players in the league onto one team: Josh Sanderson, Dan Dawson, and Casey Powell. Sanderson lead the league in points last season with 104. Dawson and Powell each had over 80. All three of them are currently in the top 10 point scorers for the 2011 season as well. The Knighthawk defense will need to find a way to shut at least one of these guys down.

Not only does Boston have an incredible offense, but also one of the best goalies in the NLL. Anthony Cosmo currently leads the league with a ridiculous 6.50 goals against average in two games. He was second in the league last season with a 9.50 GAA (behind Bob Watson) so he is accustomed to turning in dominating performances.

To have any chance of winning, Rochester is going to need Cody Jamieson to have another big game. Jamieson won NLL Rookie of the Week honors for his six point effort against the Rock last week. Other Hawks, such as Shawn Evans, will need contribute some goals as well. Hopefully Gary Gait and/or Scott Evans (who was rumored to be a healthy scratch last week) will be in the lineup this weekend. Rochester will need all of the extra firepower they can get.

One thing that could help the Knighthawks tomorrow night is that the Blazers might be tired after having to take on the Toronto Rock later tonight. Rochester should look to capitalize on this in the fourth quarter tomorrow night.

The game will start tomorrow at 7:30 PM EST. Watch it live online at the Rochester Knighthawks livestream page.

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