Monday, January 24, 2011

Mammoth Still Winless at Home

In what is starting to seem like routine, the Colorado Mammoth have their third one-goal game in a row. Unfortunately, they came out on the losing side, but there are some positives to balance the negatives.
To begin with, the Mammoth offense looked really good at times. Problem is, they’re still looking flat and relying more on capitalizing on their opponent’s mistakes than creating opportunities.
Boy, does that ever sound cliché but watching the Wings offense cutting across the field and showing lots of movement compared to the Mammoth offense which at times seemed more interested in watching John Grant Jr. try and make a play than making something happen… what else can you say?
For a team that has scored 12 goals combined in their last two games, the Wings showed they’re not a team to take lightly.
The Philadelphia Wings defense did a great job keeping the Mammoth offense away from the net and forcing them to take most of their shots from the outside instead of on the crease. Brandon Miller had some phenomenal saves, some of which you still wonder how he was able to make after watching the replay.
The biggest issue however seems to be that the Mammoth are under the delusion that a lead is safe. For the second time in two weeks, the Mammoth have gone in to halftime with a solid lead, been held scoreless in the third quarter and been forced to scramble as the clock is winding down to make something happen to pull a win out. Maybe Mammoth fans should worry more when the Mammoth start out strong instead of struggle in the first quarter.

The next two weeks are going to speak volumes for this Mammoth team. The Mammoth head to Philly next week to take on the Wings again followed by a rematch at the Pepsi Center against the Washington Stealth the week after.

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