Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The NLL in Canada

As nearly every Lacrosse fan knows the Toronto Rock are the "model franchise" the child that some parents might say is their favorite child, the Calgary Roughnecks and the Edmonton Rush are the younger siblings that love to beat 55 different types of crap out of each other whenever they play which always brings a smile to my face. Then, there are those 4th cousins twice removed on your dad's side of the family. I'm talking about the Canadian teams that couldn't stick in the form of the Vancouver Ravens and the Montreal Express. The Express even though they only lasted 1 year, the 2002 season they did go 8-8 which for expansion teams is not too bad.

The Ravens lasted longer from 2002 to the 2004 season and in those 3 seasons they did have 2 playoff appearances. For years there has been talk of bringing both teams back along with a new team in Winnipeg but.....nothing has come of it. Since 2007 it has been rumored that the Ravens would return but it has only been talk. With new NLL commissioner George Daniel saying that there would be no expansion in the 2011 season and fellow NLL blogger Mike Wilson saying on my show that the league would try and mainly promote the current teams instead of focusing on expansion more NLL teams in the Great white north will have to wait, just like seeing the 4th cousin twice removed on your dad's side of the family.

PS: A message to the Boston Blazers, when CNN is talking about a half time lap dance show you know you're in trouble.


  1. Don't forget the Ottawa Rebel, who went a combined 9-37 in three seasons (2001-03). A year after the team folder, the franchise was bought and moved to Edmonton, becoming the Rush.

  2. I agree the league needs to focus on their teams now. They tried to rush expansion before, hopefully they learned their lessons.

  3. True Graeme, the Rebel had to have been one of the worst NLL teams I've ever seen play.

  4. Re: Graeme - Didn't the same thing happen to the Express? In their case, after going dark they eventually wound up in Minnesota as the Swarm. Thank you Montreal. ;)