Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stuff about the Rush and the Swarm

Last week the Swarm dominated the Stealth for a full 60 mins acquiring their first win in 8 games. Ryan Benesch was a huge part of the Swarm offence putting 7 goals on the board and adding 4 assists. That's right, 11 points.

On the other side the Rush are 0-2 so far this season. They have yet to reach double digits on offence and last years leading scorer, Ryan Ward, did not have a great game last week with...well... a total of 0 points. 

Interestingly enough both players were traded for each other. 

Last season Benesch scored a total of 28 goals and 83 points.

Ryan Ward lead the Rush last year with 31 goals and 74 points.

So far, it seems like the swarm have won this trade.

I also pick the Swarm to win the game and Ryan Benesch agrees:

Additional prediction from twitter: @KhawkFanVoice Baconator will tell Greer his stripes make him fat. Greer will cry and Baconator will get 4 pts. That is all

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