Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 Quick Hits

(Pictured: Instant Headache)

By Mike Wilson

Minnesota @ Washington

For tonights game there are 2 things going against the Stealth. The absence of Jeff Zywicki and the blinding stripes on the Swarm's jerseys. With Wick out, the main members of the Stealth attack, Rhys Duch and Lewis Ratcliff will need to step up even more then they already have. They both finished in the top 10 in league scoring last year on their way to the Champions Cup. Less room on the floor, more ball to go around. The Stealth didn't fair too well in their 13-11 lose to Calgary on Sunday. Together they totaled 24 shots and 7 goals. Though compare this too when they totaled 17 shots and scored only 3 goals together in their OT win in Colorado. Even though they lost in Calgary, I think having the ball in Ratcliff's stick will benefit the Stealth. He scored 5 goals in that game. He didn't finish 2nd in league scoring for nothing.

Stealth Win.

Edmonton @Boston

A guy inside the Blazers organisation has sent me a transcript of Coach Matt Sawyer's Pre-game speech from last week. this is what it said:

Coach Sawyer: Dan, Casey, Josh.
Dan Dawson, Casey Powell, Josh Sanderson: Yes Coach?
Coach Sawyer: Go score tons of goals.
Dan Dawson, Casey Powell, Josh Sanderson: Yes Coach.

Brilliant coaching.

The only chance the Rush have at a win is the pick and roll game. The Blazers have a mostly American defense. Great 1 on 1, not great on the pick and roll. The Rock killed the Rush with it last week and it's the Rush's only chance at a cross continent win. With the big three on "O", and Cosmo in net, I have to give this game to the...


Buffalo @ Philadelphia

Last week against Boston Wings star Athan Iannucci lit up the lamp with...3 points....Whoo! If the Wings are going to win some games, he needs to pick it up.

On the Other side Mark "The Shoes" Steenhuis owned the floor with...his own 3 points.

Underwhelming stars all around!


Colorado @ Calgary

With the Poulin Wall in goal, Calgary has started the season 2-0. Ya that's right, 2-0! So....props on me for picking him in my fantasy pool. In Colorado, Mammoth fans are still unimpressed by John Grant Jr. saying that he cased more goals then he helped score. I can't believe I'm saying this but...

Calgary will start the season 3-0...

I feel so dirty.

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