Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to the new NLL Blog!

By Graeme Perrow

Hello lacrosse fans. Look at your regular lacrosse blog. Now back at this one. Now back to yours. Now back to me. Sadly, your regular lacrosse blog isn't this one. But if you start reading the NLL Blog, it will be. The NLL Blog contains serious hard-hitting lacrosse journalism, complaints and rants, and some goofy stuff as well. We are serious lacrosse fans who are also award-winning writers. For example, Melissa was on the honor roll in high school, Avry won a ribbon in the 100m dash in 6th grade, Graeme won a German award in high school in 1986, and Mike won a participation medal in soccer when he was 7.

Look down. Now back up. Where are you? You're at, instead of where we used to be. This is the same blog as we had over there, but we had some problems with tumblr so we moved over to blogger. We hope this will give you the same fan-based look at the NLL but with less "This blog is currently unavailable".

Anything is possible when you read the NLL Blog. I'm on a chair.

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  1. By far the best thing ever written on this site! Also, we fixed the background!