Monday, February 21, 2011

Blast Lacrosse

By Avry Lewis-McDougall

What is Blast Lacrosse? It was the NLL's very first attempt at a video game, that well actually was better than the current NLL game, NLL 2010 that is out now on XBOX Live. Did I mention that Blast Lacrosse was made for the Playstation 1 and came out in 2001? Blast Lacrosse could be compared to NBA Jam, players caught on fire after scoring 3 goals, players did backflips when hit, the commentator, Scotty Ferrall, the controversial sports host on Sirius/XM radio and reporter was absolutely over the top adding his slightly hoarse but yet funny voice to the game. The game wasnt deep on modes but included all 9 NLL teams from the 2001 season (only 4 teams from the game still play today, Toronto, Buffalo, Philly and Rochester). The game was a new step in sports gaming but with the NLL at the time being even more off people's radar in the pro sports world it was not a commerical success.

Why was Blast Lacrosse better than NLL 2010? First of all the goaltenders actually moved in the net! They were beatable, the players did not look as stiff as an elderly person's back like they do in NLL 2010. To think that a Playstation 1 game was better, check that is still better than an XBOX 360 game is quite remarkable. Maybe the next attempt an NLL game will be better, it has to be because to have a game that is worse than your prior attempt is just laughable.

You want to judge it yourself? If you have an XBOX 360 and a Playstation 1 or a PS2 or even a PS3 get both games and tell me what you think, Blast Lacrosse is still around in many video game stores being sold for less than $10 and as I said before NLL 2010 is on XBOX live.

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  1. Well Crosse Studios seemed to improve their College Lacrosse 2011 by leaps and bounds with motion capture. Also remember there were only 3 people working on the NLL 2010 for a game that retailed at $5 unlike Acclaim with a $40+ game with a large team working on it. I hope they do make another indoor game this year and continue to make improvements.