Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blazers Top Swarm in High Scoring Affair

By Marisa Ingemi

The Boston Blazers came out Saturday night in Minnesota looking to better their position in the east. With losses by Rochester and Buffalo, Boston is now in second place all alone.

 The action started 21 seconds in when Dan Dawson scored to give the Blazers an early lead. After a Callum Crawford goal it was 1-1. Josh Sanderson and Kevin Buchanan scored for Boston, giving them a two goal
lead before the Swarm tied it up again.

 Things got wild in the second when the scoring really began. Josh Sanderson scored four goals in the game, and one of them came in the second. Mitch Belisle also scored.

 It was 9-9 at the half, a position the Swarm were happy to be in. They were down by four goals at two different periods of the second quarter, so they were just happy to be in the game.

 Things slowed down in the second half when Boston began to pull away. Anthony Cosmo seemed to have found his game and stepped up big for the Blazers. After allowing some softies in the first, he really stopped a strong Swarm attack.

 In the fourth quarter things were more of the same and the Blazers came out with the win, 14-11.

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