Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blogger Round Table: Chris Levis

By Mike Wilson

Marisa Ingemi from In Lax We Trust and I had a Round table  discussion about Chris Levis. She says he’s the worst goalie in the league, I disagreed. Vote for who you think won:

Marisa:  Ok, beginning our Chris Levis argument. I'm against him. He is a career back up and has let in a ton of soft goals, and i understand the fact Colorado can't score, but Levis has not made the saves to win for his team.

Mike: Are you sure about that? He has a better save percentage them Anthony Cosmo .

Marisa: Cosmo has played a lot more games also. And the team around him makes a difference, goalies like that can afford to give up a bot more. Maybe Levis is under more pressure, but he ain't winning his team games.

Mike: First thing: the great thing about save percentage is that it doesn't matter how many games you play or how many shots you face.

Second thing : even if Levis only allowed 3 goals, his team would only score 2.

Third thing: goalies don't win games for their team in lacrosse. They can only lose them, and Levis hasn't been doing that.


Marisa: What about GAA? And we talked about Poulin before, Poulin isn't costing his team games. Bob Hamley ain't happy with him, there is a great chance Matt King starts in Washington. Can Colorado score? No, so to win they need an elite Goaltender, and Levis is just not that.

Mike: His GAA is best in the west and forth in the league . The goaltender change is a spark for the team. And there's not a goalie in this league that would put Colorado at the top of the standings

Marisa: Exactly, he hasn't played a lot of games. Leyshon was so bad, anyone looks good in Colorado now. Look at Miller. Does Philly have much talent? No. But Miller has carried them. Levis can't do that.

Mike: Carried them where? To last place in the East? Levis has a better GAA and Save PCT. The goalie is making saves, what more can you ask for from him?

Marisa: Philly has no talent. And yes, they suck. But they are still in the race and Miller did help them win three games. Did Philly score? Yes, but Miller held Boston to 5 goals once, and set the momentum

Mike: Miller was pulled last weekend after surrendering 15 goals to the bandits

Marisa: Last game was an exception, Buffalo is pretty good with great players. Miller is the east starter for a reason. Levis made it because they screwed Poulin.

Mike: No Levis made it because  he's playing like the second best goalie in the west. That's where I put him, that's where the NLL put him

Marisa: They acquired Vinc for a reason. Because they needed a Goaltender. It didn't work out, and they're stuck with Levis. Even Hamley says he might go with King, as he should. If the coach has no confidence, why should we?

Mike: Do you think that of the Mammoth had Vinc they would have been better off?

Marisa: Maybe, hard to tell. Rochester has terrible defense, hence the bad Vinc stats. Their offense is killing the Mammoth, but would a better a Goalie help them? Yes.

Mike: It might help but it won't move them up the standings. Goal tending is not a problem in Colorado. Is Levis the best goalie in the league ? No. Is he the worst? No.

Marisa: He's the worst because there are better goalies. The entire east, Poulin, Richards, Patterson. You might have a case with Disher though.

Mike: You think Matt Roik is worse?

Marisa: Yes but I'm talking starters, and its clear he is not a starter. I would take King over Levis, if that's worth anything.

Mike: Do you have a single stat proving your point?

Marisa: don't know if it all comes down to stats. You look at GAA, that is affected by games played, and is it good, yes, but he has not played a lot of games. Again, if the coach ain't happy, that sends a message

Mike: The point of GAA is so its NOT effected by games played

Marisa: But he has played less games than a guy like Cosmo, who you mentioned yesterday. I notice you haven't addressed the coach thing.

Mike: Games played doesn't matter with GAA!!! And I did address the coach thing. Goalie is a position that gets crapped in when the team is losing and phrased when winning. If there is a switch its probably just an attempt to spark the team.

Marisa: That wasn't the reason he pulled him last game. He said it was to get a time out and King was good so he kept him in. But you didn't year the conference call, Hamley was not happy with Levis at all.

Mike: Hamley isn't happy about anything right now

Marisa: True, but during the call he had notable issues with just Levis

Mike: Well I disagree with him. Again I'm not saying he's the best goalie. But he is playing like he's an all star. Oh wait, he is.

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