Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogger Roundtable: Connor Martin

Welcome to another episode of Mike v. Marisa. I'm 1-0 as we dive into another topic: Connor Martin.
Marisa: I think of Conor Martin becomes a good player he is great for the league. Bit con bro chill is not. It is a distraction. I used other leagues as an example bit that may have been wrong. The NLL is a league hoping to be one of those leagues someday, and to do that they need to promote the sport. Having stuff like that can turn off newer fans.
Mike: How will that turn off fans? I think it does the opposite.
Marisa: Look at some of the weird stuff he does. Look at all the kids in NLL crowds. I doubt parents want their kids to see half that crap he does. It also gives reason for all the laxers stereotypers.
Mike: What stuff does he do? He is exited to be playing the game. That's not a bad role model.
Marisa: The off field stuff. All the weird videos. He is promoting his own weird stuff. That does not make a great new impression for new fans
Mike: It's not like he was doing that while he was in the league. New fans probably don't even know who he is, and if they do they certainly don't know about the videos. And if by a slight chance they do, I doubt they give 2 craps. Oh no a lacrosse player made some bad music,big whoop. Did the super bowl shuffle turn off bears fans? No.
Marisa: It's not as much the music as all the weird videos of him doing..... things. But new fans probably saw his goal vs the Swarm. I had no issue with the celebration, whatever. 
The point is, if fans do see that it doesn't help, it can only hurt. The league needs a positive, clean image, especially after the Blazers thing.
Mike: How does it hurt the league?
Marisa: Look at all the people who stereotype laxers. This gives people like that reason to continue. Bad publicity.
Mike: He hasn't done anything but entertain fans. That good publicity.
Marisa: Entertain? I don't find that entertaining. This guy seems to care about that more than the game. What happens if he takes it too far?
Mike: Really? He doesn't care about the game? Here is a quote from him: People say, "act like you've been there". Well I never have... and probably will never act like it. Lax is too fun and could end any day!"
Tell me you didn't say wow when you saw this:
And what does he take to far? His exuberance? 
Marisa: He hasn't. But he might. I just think its not about the game with him always. I think he's a good player, all the luck too him. But this stuff is unnecessary. I hate all the flow stuff, all the lax lifestyle stuff in general. Just make it about the game, promote your leagues game
Mike: Again he has been in the league for about a month now. He has been promoting his league. What is your problem with a player having a personality?
Marisa: I like personality. But he does this in the MLL too. He's promoting his videos, not the league.
Mike: So what do you want him to do? Go make a commercial telling people to come to NLL games?
Marisa: Just stop the unnecessary videos. Stop with the whole image.
Mike: Whats wrong with his image? it's unique. Again, he hasn't done anything bad for the league. 
Marisa: Except for the stereotypers.
Mike: The stereotype has absolutely nothing to do with the league.
Marisa: Those are people who could be fans. Any one who is not a fan could be. Do you know how many .people tell me "wow I wish I gave it a chance long ago" now some people never will.
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  1. Since I posted this on Marisa's site, I'll post it here as well....

    I have to disagree. In the US at least, the laxer stereotype is of a pretentious rich kid who’s had an easy life. Martin is goofy, upbeat and most importantly accessible. Kids need role models and it’s better for the league to have such a wide variety of personalities for kids to look up to and relate to.

    Some will naturally gravitate to players like John Gallant who works hard and plays the game hard, others will look up to people like Chris McElroy because of what he does off the field, and yes, some will look up to players like Connor Martin. If kids don’t see players they see a bit of themselves in and therefore can relate to, they’re less likely to be attracted to the sport.

    Yes, Martin has an off beat personality and isn’t afraid to be a huge goof ball. But I’d be quite surprised if you don’t see similar personalities in many locker rooms. Not everyone is a John Tavares in either personality or skill. And that’s a good thing.

    Martin will bring attention to the sport, not all of it positive, but that’s what happens anytime you have a polarizing personality that isn’t afraid to shine.

  2. Since it's on my site, you would be agreeing!Yay!

  3. Have to agree with Mike, I dont see a thing wrong with Connor Martin! I mean this guy is funny, the flip takes serious guts to pull off after scoring a goal, hes the Jeremy Roenick of the NLL.