Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brad Banister You’re An Idiot

By Mike Wilson

So back before the start of the season you decide to tell the public you are selling the Calgary Roughnecks? Well that seems ok, but it’s not usually something you go and tell the world.

Then you go and tell everybody the team is not making money. " time to get a real job and time to go back to making some money again.”

To end the day, you decide to tell people that buying the team wasn't  a good decision.“It was my choice to do it. I spent my money where I wanted to and I spent my money on this team and I probably spent a bit too much on this team.”

Who are you? The current owner of the Calgary Roughnecks, Brad Banister. Oh and you’re an idiot.*

I wonder why nobody wanted to buy a team that makes no money? It just doesn’t make sense to me.**

Today, Banister managed to make his team even less sellable today. He came out and begged for investments from Calgary businesses.

“If ever there was a time when corporate Calgary was needed to step up and help a club that has brought two North American championships to this city in just six years, the time is now. If immediate help is not given, it is unlikely we will be able to complete the current season.”

Now if I was a business in Calgary, I probably wouldn’t be interested in giving money to a team that won’t give it back.

Banister has screwed himself with the things he has said.

Another question? Where has all the money gone? Calgary has had consistent crowds over 10,000. It’s not like you’re Washington or Rochester where attendance has been less then great.

The situation in Calgary has gone from bad to worse, and in my mind, it’s all because of a quote from an owner.

Not only could this be horrible for Calgary and it’s fans, it will deliver yet another hit to the leagues reputation.

*You are not actually an idiot. Unless you are Brad Banister and are reading this. In that case, you are an idiot.


(Yes, I did write something like this before, but I thought I would update the situation)


  1. Making matters worse for Banister's apparent idiocy, the Flames have offered to buy the team not once, but twice: http://www.torontosun.com/sports/othersports/2011/02/23/17383231.html
    Obviously having the Flames own and run the team could present a better financial strategy in the long term as the team more or less controls the Saddledome.

  2. The Flames have never offered to buy the team, get your facts straight. Also the Flames have made more on the Roughnecks than anyone else, they make money on the rental of the building, beer sales ect.. Ken King does not want lacrosse in Calgary and has made it as tough as he could for the team to succeed!!! We need another sport besides hockey in this town!!! I've been to almost every game since the team started and love watching the fans get into the game, especially the kids. It would be a shame if the team was no longer in Calgary, as it adds more diversity to our city. I do feel however that the people who market the team did not do a good job. The advertising on the field and boards was never full. I did not hear alot about the team in any media. Brad had a dream to bring an NLL team to Calgary he just did not know the business well enough, he is a good hearted person, sports teams are obviously not his forte. He has been very successful in all of his other business ventures!!! His dad passed when he was very young and he stepped up to help his mother and younger siblings through a very tough time, he didn't get to go to University but he sure made something of himsef despite the hardships at home!!! Its sad how we only look at the bad in people and not the good things they have done with their lives!! From a long time family friend!