Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Interview With John Grant Jr.

By Melissa Dafni

Despite a very busy schedule and recently moving to Colorado, John Grant Jr gave me some of his time the week before the Colorado Mammoth played the Philadelphia Wings for a second time in a week. As many lacrosse fans know, he holds several records and awards across several lacrosse leagues. I was really glad I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with him.

MD: How are you finding Denver?
JG: I think it's pretty amazing to be honest. I was a little worried the day before I flew in it was a bad, bad snow storm a couple weeks ago. But every day since it's been in the 40's and 50's. Can't complain. It's been -27 back home. Being this high, I thought it would snow all the time. I mean, until you actually deal with it yourself, you never know. I always thought people just, everyone always exaggerates how awesome their home town is, right?

MD: You did actually move here, right?
JG: I have moved here. I moved here earlier in the season, but I couldn't stay. My daughter had an ear infection so she couldn't fly. So had to fly home for a week, tend to her and then I moved back here. I've basically been here the whole month of January.

MD: What made you decide to move to Denver?
JG: Well, I was traded here and I really like living in the city I play in. I think it's better for the team as far as community relations go. I feel more comfortable, you know, kind of, just playing here and you know being here. I don't know. It's something I did in Rochester. And obviously I wasn't going to live in Rochester while I was playing here. I thought it was a good opportunity to see a great place and I wasn't really tied down with any other work right now so I thought it was a good time to come out and give Colorado a try.

MD: I've noticed a difference in play for the players who live and play here with the altitude. Have you noticed that impact on yourself?
JG: Oh, the first game, yeah, definitely. Especially the first quarter. I felt like someone was holding me under water the whole time. But, the longer I've been here and now that I'm kind of training here and stuff, it's become less of a, I don't even notice it now. The first I think, two weeks I was here I was probably drinking like three gallons of water a day, which I never drink really drink water, which is probably wrong being an athlete but, you know, just always dehydrated and dry, and short of breath, but I'm completely acclimated to it now and don't really notice it.

MD: What about Denver have you been most surprised about?
JG: Well, first and foremost the weather. I don't even think I've even worn my coat yet. But just, how clean the city is and everyone just seems so happy and fit. And I think that's probably because of the sun. I mean, where I come from, everyone just basically bundles up for four months because it's so miserable cold you don't ever want to go outside. I've noticed everyone biking and walking and even myself, instead of getting in the car and driving I just kinda get the running shoes on and go for a walk or go for a jog. I think so far, the atmosphere and the weather which I think definitely go hand in hand.

MD: What about the fans and the Pepsi Center?
JG: I mean, that's something, playing against them, I knew the place was pretty raucous to begin with. I was excited to come here and have them cheer for me as opposed to 18,000 people booing me out of the barn. It was something I knew was going to happen, was going to be the case. So it wasn't like a huge surprise to me, I've played down here a couple of times. But that's definitely another advantage to being with the Mammoth. The fan support that we get, at the Pepsi Center and I mean just the way people in Colorado treat their sports teams. It definitely makes it more worthwhile to be a professional athlete, that's for sure.

Read the rest of the Interview at http://mcd.me/e89TYt 

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