Monday, February 7, 2011

Mammoth Maintain all Foreplay with no Finish

By Melissa Dafni
Outside of maybe Edmonton Rush fans, Colorado Mammoth fans are probably the most frustrated in the league right now.  Time and time again this season they see a win within their grasp only to not receive any satisfaction.
Emotions are running high with very few positive outlets.  A lot of people keep complaining that this Denver team sucks.  But while some will call me a homer, I just really don’t believe that.  If this team truly sucked, I think it would be so much easier to accept our defeats, but there’s so much potential and there are improvements each game. 
The Mammoth offense finally seems to understand that they need to expect a potential pass from John Grant Jr. at any time from any direction.  Now if only we could get them to understand the benefits of movement on the floor.
Both the Mammoth power play and penalty kill have improved.  They went 4 for 9 and kept the Stealth to 1 for 5 although they did allow a shorthanded goal.
Considering the offensive talent on the Stealth team, the Mammoth defense did a good job keeping any one player from running the board. Chris Levis did a good job in net, although he and the defense were unable to stop the tide when it counted most.
Mammoth have improved on getting the loose balls, but were unable to get some important rebounds that led to Stealth possessions and goals.  One thing is for sure though, Levis really needs to quit with the outlet passes.  While it can be very beneficial to transition as Gee Nash proved, when you pass it directly to your opponent, you’re not helping.
Some could argue luck just hasn’t been on the Mammoth’s side this season.  For one thing, there was a questionable penalty called with 7:30 left in the second quarter. JGJ scores, but the goal is called back for too many men, but even after watching the play several times, I could only count five.  Two men go off, two come on, when the camera pans the field to other side to follow Toll’s pass to JGJ, and it appears there are only five Mammoth players on the field. I can’t help but wonder if because of the way JGJ came on to the field at just the right time to catch the pass, the refs made an assumption.
Did the refs lose the Mammoth the game? NO. You have to factor in there’s always going to be some bad calls and some of them will have an impact on the game.  You have to step it up and the Mammoth didn’t do that.  I won’t deny it’s possible having three goals called back for various reasons impacted the Mammoth mentality, but I know a lot of fans are pulling the ref card and I don’t agree.

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