Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ranking West Goalies

By Mike Wilson

Marisa Ingemi and I had a argument over twitter and In Lax We Trust over Mike Poulin. She was for him, and I was the hater. Maybe I was just sour that the 'necks beat the Rush twice a couple weeks ago, maybe it's because I just hate Calgary, or maybe he actually isn't as good as people think he is. Either way, I got myself into this argument, so I'm going to back myself up by giving my Western Division goalie rankings.

First the stats:
Levis 5 46 9.28 .798 1 4
Patterson 5 44 9.79 .804 3 1
Richards 3 33 10.87 .794 2 1
Disher 5 54 11.25 .757 0 5
Poulin 6 69 11.42 .765 4 2
Roik 3 38 12.31 .753 1 2
5. Mike Poulin: The Roughnecks have allowed the most goals in the West and are second in the league in the catagory. Poulin has been great when he's been good and awful when he's been bad. The problem I have with him is consistency. With that goals against, either he's playing badly or his defense is, and I don't think the defense is that bad.

4. Matt Disher: Yes his team is 0-5. Yes his stats are only a fraction better then Poulin's. But the thing is, his stats are better and he's on an 0-5 team.

3. Tyler Richards: Seemed like a good place to put a player with OK stats, but playing on a team he lead to a cup.

2. Chris Levis: 4 of the Mammoth's 5 games have ended with only  one goal differential. This wouldn't be like this with out Levis. On a team who has only won a single game, he has the best numbers in the west.

1. Nick Patterson: Patterson is currently sitting second in the league as far as goalies go, and first in the west in the standings. Besides Ryan Benesch, he's the reason the swarm are where they are. He deserves to be starting in this years ASG.


  1. Levis #2? Flip flop him with Poulin and then very good list.

  2. Mike's right on. From reading ILWT, Marisa doesn't seem to get a chance to watch very many of the West games (understandably, as she's in the East). Goalies can't be judged on numbers alone.

    Disher played out of his head the first three games of this season and was let down by his offence (7,7,8 goals). He had an iffy game vs CGY, but then played well the next night and got hosed by an impotent Rush power play.

    Last year, Disher won the Rush their first-ever playoff game by allowing SEVEN goals on SIXTY-SEVEN shots (sv%: .896, GAA: 7.00) and won six games for the Rush in which we were outshot (four where the shots-on-goal margin was 15+). If that's the definition of a mediocre goalie, I'd hate to have a lousy one.

    As for Levis? I can't believe you're arguing with a sub-10 GAA. Are you kidding? I'd take that any day of the week - just because Colorado can't find the net to save their life, especially in the crunch, doesn't mean you should penalize their goalie. (And I should know - I've seen enough Rush teams with no offence whatsoever to speak of. The goalie doesn't look great...but he can't go down and score for them.)

    On Poulin...the Rush have zero power play and not much more of an offence to speak of, he's played us twice, and he's STILL got a lousy GAA. Major inconsistency. Calgary's defence played us very well, but he let in an awful lot of soft outside stuff.

  3. OK Matt, I love a challenge ;) . I get to watch plenty of west games, first off. Second off, Levis might end up being very good, no denying that. But is he right now? I don't think so.
    But did Poulin win those games? Yes, whether he won it or the offense did, he did not lose the game, better than Levis can say.