Saturday, February 12, 2011


By Mike Wilson
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The Edmonton Rush have won their second in a row and have moved into playoff spot! Thank god for the awfulness of the Mammoth ( but that’s for another blog). Because of the popularity of a recap of the Swarm v.Bandits game in Tweet form by Graeme Perrow, I will also give you this recap in the form of Tweets.
If you already follow me, just go to twitter. If you don’t, this is what you are missing( Not much) :
  • WilsonNLLBlog: Rush score first and get another power play! Good start boys!
  • Great Powerplay and the Rush start with a 2-0 lead! #GoRush!
  • Richards with a Disher-esq start. 3-0 Rush and Roik comes in.
  • behindtheblog: Roik rocking the New West mask is siiiiiiiiiick #Stealth #NLL
  • WilsonNLLBlog: @behindtheblog Saw it in person last night. It is a thing of beauty.
  • Hoping the Stealth don't have the turnaround the Rush did after being down 3-0 last night.
  • Now its 4-1. Thanks commercials! #sarcasm
  • dawgbone98: don't understand why they'd start Richards back to back after facing 66 shots the night before.
  • WilsonNLLBlog: @dawgbone98 Because he's still better then Roik.
  • behindtheblog: Mike Grimes just KO'd Bruce Murray. What a human.
  • This is looking like last nights game, except the opposite. 4-3 now
  • The Rush are just probably nervous playing in front of 10's..of hundreds of people tonight in Washington.
  • Rhys Duch is putting on a clinic tonight. 6 points already. 6-4 Stealth
  • @brett_mydske with a Hattrick ! Rush now have a 2 goal lead!
  • Another defender scores for the Rush! 9-6!
  • Roik's back in! Mydske could go for the Sock-trick now!
  • 10-6 and Roik has yet to make a save.
  • Before this week the Rush were just trying to get 10 goals in a game. Now they have reached that before half-time
  • ...and Roik finally makes a save.
  • That Cory Small goal breaks a Rush record for most goals in a half with 11!
  • Looks like the Rush did watch the Mammoth's "What Not To Do On Offense" video. 11-7 at the half.
  • Paul Rabil breaks the 3rd quarter shut out! 11-8 Rush
  • Ward scores a shorty. Richards didn't move.
  • Nice Quick stick by Wiles.
  • The Rush have won a grand total of 4 face-offs. Only 5 last night.
  • snowkitten: #Stealth 9 #Rush 13 end of 3rd quarter
  • Forgot to mention that when Richards came back in at the half, it was the Stealth's 4th goalie change of the game
  • Dane Stevens sighting! Rush increase their lead to 5.
  • StealthLax: Duchee and Rabil back-to-back makes it 14-11 with 7:45 left....
  • Everything Paul Rabil does is just a work of art.
  • How did Conn miss that?!?
  • Suddons scores and Richards tanks Evans.Though to be honest, he deserved it.
  • NLLScores: Goal: WAS Lewis Ratcliff (Rabil, Wiles), 11:26 4th - Rush 15 at Stealth 12
  • NLLScores:Goal: WAS Lewis Ratcliff (Wiles, Duch), 11:50 4th - Rush 15 at Stealth 13
  • Duch scores. Don't blow this one Rush!
  • 7 transition goals for the Rush last night, 6 tonight.
  • aGhost0nTheWire:@WilsonNLLBlog wait.... who won?
  • @WilsonNLLBlog: @aGhost0nTheWire No idea didn't watch it.

Something I didn’t tweet: The Rush won a total of 6 faceoffs tonight which was the reason the Stealth went from being down by 5, to being down by only a single goal.
Quick Stats:
  • Paul Rabil –3G 4A
  • Rhys Duch -4G 5A
  • Luke Wiles –2G 4A
  • Lewis Ratcliff –2G 6A
  • Brett Mydske –3G
  • Corey Small –3G 3A
  • Brodie Merrill – 1G 3A
  • Scott Evans –2G 3A

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