Thursday, February 17, 2011

The West playoff race

By Avry Lewis-McDougall

The Western and Eastern divisions right now are tight with every single team, 3-4 Philadelphia could easily wind up on top of the division with some big wins in the next few weeks but the race that is interesting but yet some would say riduclous is the Rush-Mammoth race to avoid being the last place runner finshing in that marathon, ah I mean the NLL standings. Both teams have had games that make you shake your head but yet games that have shown that both really shouldn't be sub .500 teams.

The Rush(2-5) got two big wins over the Washington Stealth to save their playoff chances after that 0-5 start thanks to guys like Gavin Prout and Brett Mydske. With the 1-5 Mammoth, as much as they do get made fun of even with the likes of John Grant Jr. on the roster they have been in many games that they could have won, except for their Febuary 12th game vs Boston where they only put up 6 goals on the board in an 11-6 loss. Colrado has lost three games this season by only 1 goal (including their season opener which they lost 11-10 to Washington in OT).

It's going to be interesting to see in the final weeks of the season in March and April who will have enough gas to get that final playoff in the Western division spot, do not let the records of these teams fool you.

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  1. the mammoth lost their home and season opener to the Stealth 11-10 in OT