Sunday, March 27, 2011

Called It, The Streak Comes To An End

By Mike Wilson

Before the Colorado Mammoth and the Boston Blazers hit the floor for their Saturday night match-up, I was confident in my pick as to who will win this game.  My pick was not a popular one, as it was on the Mammoth to win their first home game in 700 days, while playing a team with offensive all-stars such as Dan Dawson, Josh Sanderson, and Casey Powell. In fact, this pick was so unpopular, I made a few bets with other confident lax writers such as our own Avry Lewis-mcdougall, and In Lax We Trust's Marisa Ingemi, but we'll get to that later.

First here is the recap:

The game was the opposite of most lacrosse games you see in that it started very slow and ended with a great, exiting pace. After the first quarter the score was only 2-1 in the favor of the Blazers. The second quarter picked up with each team taking 3 goals a piece into the locker-room. For Mammoth fans, the first half carried a pleasant surprise.  Newly acquired Joel Dalgarno scored a hat-trick in the first half of his Mammoth debut. This was something that was expected of Gavin Prout in his return to the Pepsi Center after spending a season and a half in Edmonton. Prout did finish the game with a goal and an assist.

The third quarter was a summary of the Mammoth's season all wrapped up into a 15 minute segment. They only scored a single goal (Dalgarno's 4th) and couldn't score on a full, 2 minute, 5 on 3 power-play. Thankfully for Colorado, Boston only managed to score one as well. Going into the 4th and final quarter, the score was 6-5 in favor of the Blazers.

The 4th quarter was an epic. Back to back Powell brother goals expanded the Blazer lead to 3. At this point, some Mammoth fans have given up and other writers were letting me know of my impending doom.

Then, at 8:59 left to go, we have our TSN turning point. A Gavin Prout power-play goal. This stared a comeback run which included goals from Alex Gajic, Dan Carey, and 3 helpers from John Grant Jr. With less then 30 seconds left to go, the game was tied and we were headed for Overtime where, who else but John Grant Jr., netted the game winner.

Why in gods name did I pick the Mammoth?:

To this point I only know 2 other people who picked the Mammoth: Andrew McKay for The Laxist and Stephan Stamp from IL Indoor.

There are 2 reasons I picked Colorado:

  1. Boston traveled cross country and that never goes well for the away team.
  2. Boston played the night before.
The Blazers just simply wouldn't have enough energy to pull this one out.

The Gavin Prout Curse:

The Mammoth have not won a home game since Gavin Prout packed his bags for Edmonton. He returns and the streak is over. COINCIDENCE!? I THINK NOT!

The Bet:

The bet I had with Avry had the loser licking a used lacrosse ball. So NLL Blog fans, a picture of that will be posted on the blog on April 2nd.

Colorado now heads for a huge 3 game series against Edmonton, while Boston returns home to face the Knighthawks.


  1. I've got a couple of dirty ol' used lax balls I could offer up if you need them! LOL. Make sure to post photo evidence please.

  2. I have a tons of balls, thanks though. Photo evidence will be up April 2nd.