Friday, March 25, 2011


By Josh Bourhis

The other day I was looking back at an article Avry wrote about the Rush making the postseason despite a .500 record or under and it occurred to me that this is kind of depressing. While the thought that came to my head would still include an under .500 making the playoffs,I am curious to see the fans opinion on this topic.

The Canadian Football League has had a crossover rule for many years. For the people that are unfamiliar with the crossover rule, a crossover rule is when the last place team of division A has a better record than the last playoff team in the division B; they would take that spot because they have won more games.

An example in the NLL this year would be:

If the season ended today without a crossover rule the playoffs would
look like this:

Calgary        .727                            Toronto   .818
Minnesota    .556                            Buffalo    .700
Washington  .456                            Boston     .545
Edmonton     .182                            Rochester .500

Now if the season ended today with the crossover rule, playoffs would
look like so:

Calgary        .727                            Toronto   .818
Minnesota    .556                            Buffalo    .700
Washington  .456                            Boston     .545
Philadelphia .364                            Rochester .500

Upside to this: There is a chance we could see more competitive
lacrosse down the stretch, and it gives teams who worked hard a chance
to play a playoff game who are playing in the stronger division this

Downside to this: It takes away a balance of East and West teams and
could possibly create an all Eastern Championship game or an all
Western Championship game.

So what do you think lacrosse fans? Should the NLL adopt the crossover
rule to allow the top teams make the playoffs?

Leave you comments below and Vote in the poll.

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