Monday, March 28, 2011

Mammoth Break Home Losing Streak

By Melissa Dafni

Leading up to the National Lacrosse League trade deadline, things were pretty quiet overall… and then the Colorado Mammoth made some moves. They reacquired former captain Gavin Prout from the Edmonton Rush, and Joel Dalgarno and Ian Hawksbee from the Washington Stealth.
Although the Prout trade got the most coverage, Dalgarno had the bigger impact… unless of course you do believe there really was a Prout curse. The Mammoth haven’t won a home game since Gavin Prout was traded.  While most feel it is merely coincidence, others feel that trading Prout was equivalent of trading the heart of the team away.  Regardless of which side you fall on, the Prout trade was certainly divisive.
The Boston Blazers came in to the game after playing the Washington Stealth the previous night, the Mammoth had fresh legs, but hadn’t played for three weeks.  Not to mention, the Mammoth made some big changes to the lineup but hadn’t see them in action.
Both Anthony Cosmo and Chris Levis made some great saves, especially when they counted most.  Both defenses were also instrumental throughout the game, but it’s offense that grabs headlines.
Despite taking thirteen shots, John Grant Jr. only scored twice, however, as his second goal was the game winner, many will overlook the misses. On the one hand, Wayne Gretzky is right; you do miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  On the other hand, how many better scoring opportunities were missed because JGJ doesn’t seem to pick his shots?
For the first time all season, the Mammoth offense didn’t look flat most of the game.  They were picking and rolling, cutting, cross pass shooting and just in general working to get the goalie to move to set up a shot.  Unfortunately, too often, the Mammoth were unable to get the rebound when Cosmo did make the save.
While the Mammoth still have a long way to go, they’ve at least taken the first step.  Or as John Grant Jr told fans after the game, “There’s more to come, be ready.”

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