Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rush Captain Apologises To Fans

By Mike Wilson
After the situation on Saturday night where the Edmonton Rush left the floor without shanking hands with the Washington Stealth who stomped them by a score of 18-10, The Captain of the Rush, Brodie Merrill, wrote an apology to the fans. From the Rush facebook page :
"On behalf of the Edmonton Rush, I would like to offer an apology for walking off the floor on Saturday, March 5th, without participating in the customary post game hand shake. There were some early signs that a couple isolated and minor altercations could escalate into something more serious; potentially putting both teams in a compromising position. We thought it was best to step away from the situation and let cooler heads prevail. It is in no way a reflection of the respect we have for the Washington Stealth, or the game of lacrosse. The Edmonton Rush will continue to reinforce strong sportsmanship decisions on and off the floor."
Captain, Brodie Merrill
If It was possible for me to be a bigger Brodie Merrill fan, I would be after this. He made 2 right moves: writing to to the fans and leaving the floor.
With the press that this story got, This statement was needed. Rush fans themselves weren't happy.
Personally I think this was made to be a bigger deal then it needed to be. The Rush made the right decision trying to avoid a brawl after the game. Worse could have happened then looking a little unsportsmanlike.


  1. I think the handshakes are an important part of the game, but there are occasions where it's a good idea to bypass them. I didn't see the game, so I don't know if this was one of them. But either way, kudos to Merrill for apologizing and explaining their position.

  2. I'm rather surprised this is making as many waves as it is. This definitely wasn't anywhere near the first time I've seen a mostly (or completely) non-existent handshake between teams and probably won't be the last.

    Is it bad sportsmanship... maybe. But sometimes, not shaking hands is the best option.