Saturday, March 26, 2011

So..Um...The Rush Won.

By Mike Wilson

The Swarm North* conquered Swarm South** on Friday night by the score of 14-13.

The game went back and forth. The South opened the scoring a minute and a half in with an Aaron Wilson goal, but found themselves down 6-3 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was all South, outscoring the North 4-1, and taking a 7-7 tie into the dressing room. The north jumped to a 10-3 lead at the start of the third, but lost it and the end. The South's comeback was started by a jaw-dropping behind the back crease-dive by Callum Crawford. With the score tied at 10 going to the third, it was time for Zack Greer to show everybody why he was hyped up to be the Michael Jordan of lacrosse. He challenged Crawford with his own spectacular, going around 2 defenders and finishing it of on the backhand. That wasn't even his most important goal, that came with the game tied at 13. With just 3.5 seconds left, he fired a shot past Nick Patterson to seal up the Rush's third win of the season.

(Pictured: My Idol)

Former South players were the stars for the North tonight. Ryan Ward potted 2 goals to go along with 3 points, but the real hero was newly acquired Zack Greer. The game winner went with his other 4 goals and 2 assists. Brodie Merrill took home 5 points from Rexall on Friday as well.

"It's guys on the floor doing a great job around me and having a gutsy effort to fight through those those turnarounds when they score a couple in a row. We got to calm down on the bench and pull it back together and the guys did a great job of that tonight." Greer said after the game.

Former North Players were also the top scorers for the South. Ryan Benesch put up 8 points while Matt Giles had 6.

A South win could have clinched a playoff spot for them, but instead they now sit 3rd in the West thanks to a Stealth win over the Blazers .

The North are now headed for a huge 3 game series with Colorado who are also fighting to capture that last playoff spot.

*The Rush
**The Swarm

Also note: I'm 2-1 on my picks for the weekend going into Saturday.


  1. Calling the Rush "Swarm North" overlooks all the former Portland LumberJax also on their roster, of course - hence my "love child" comment several weeks ago.

  2. Calling them the "Swarm North" is kind of funny and very true at the same time. Matt Disher, Scott Stewart, Andy Secore, Ryan Ward, Dean Hill, and Zack Greer all previously played for the Swarm. Good review of the game.

  3. Agree they could also be called "Portland North" as they have many players formerly of that team. The difference, however(and obviously), is Portland is no longer around and Minnesota is.