Monday, March 14, 2011

Under .500 postseason here we come!

By Avry Lewis-McDougall
The Edmonton Rush at 2-9 are most likely playoff bound because the Colorado Mammoth are clearly allergic to winning I'm sure that John Grant Jr started getting hives at the mention of a win playing with the Mammoth. The Rush have had good goaltending for the most part from Matt Disher although the 18-10 loss vs Washington proved otherwise as they were down 8-2 early. The bad thing about probably going into the post season at best as a 5-11 or 6-10 club is that Bruce Urban and Derek Keenan might see this year as good if they make it to the playoffs.

I'm sorry but being a sub .500 playoff team hurts the Rush and the NLL as a whole, now the league playoff format is what it is with just 10 teams and probably soon to be 9 if the Roughnecks don't survive the off season. If the Rush wind up going far in the playoffs, I can admit though I will be cheering and jumping around as if I just found the address to Charlie Sheen's house. The Club also lost another key game to Calgary 19-14 this week but lets look at their schedule from here on in to see what shot they have at the post season shall we?

-March 25th at home vs Minnesota
-April 1st at home vs Colorado
-April 2nd on the road vs Colorado
-April 9th at home vs Colorado
-April 16th at home vs Toronto

The majority of these are winnable games for the Rush, although the Toronto and Minnesota match ups will be a challenge for this club. It will help the club greatly if they can sweep the remaining games vs the Mammoth as Colorado is on their tails for that final playoff spot. Going to be interesting with this stretch drive with no Gavin Prout too as he was traded back to wait for it....The Mammoth, hopefully the Rush can dig deep to salvage this season.