Friday, April 1, 2011

Live Blog: Mammoth @ Rush

Mike Wilson Live Blogs From Rexall Place:

1st Quarter:
  • Anthems are done and it's time to get the game started!
  • Pink Helmets look sick!
  • Disher steps up early with a huge save on Dalgarno 
  • Rush need to stop turning over the ball. Thats the second time in the offensive zone.
  • JGJ with a gross behind the back goal. 1-0 Mammoth.
  • Secore with an ugly shovel goal to tie the game for the Rush.
  • Disher is standing on his head early. This is great news for the Rush
  • If Stewart see Secore there, it's a goal. 
  • Scott Evans is limping. Bad news for the Rush.
  • Mammoth "D" doing a great job keeping the Rush outside.
  • Evans scores on the Powerplay and hits the "Easy" button. He looks ok now. That was his team leading 20th.
  • Cory Small has a great shot. Needs to hit the net more though.
  • Looks like Chris Levis never learned one of the first rules of lacrosse: Never pass bench side
  • Cory Small just stole my soul with that shorthanded goal! He can be great when he hits the net.
  • Gavin Prout literally dropped the ball.
  • At the end of the first quarter, the Rush lead the Mammoth 3-1. They also lead in shots 12-11.
2nd Quarter:
    • Scott Evans get the quarter started right with a beauty of a screen shot. He is the master of those. 4-1 Edmonton.
    • Ryan Ward barley get the ball over the line and past Levis, but it counts. 5-1 E-town and Levis is pulled for King.
    • Joel Dalgarno scores for the Mammoth to make it 5-2.
    • Levis is back in.
    • Brodie being Brodie! He scores on the breakaway to make it 6-2!
    • Quinlan crushed ex-teammate Gavin Prout!
    • JGJ scores another on the power play for Colorado. This one a bounce shot. Mammoth PP: Goals, 5 on 5: Few Goals
    • Gavin Prout has been doing everything on offence except for scoring.
    • Jr. completes the hat-trick with less then a minute left in the half. 6-4 Rush.
    • Disher has been outstanding for the Rush in the first half. The Rush go into the locker room with a 6-4 lead.
    3rd Quarter:
      • Baconator with the quick-stuck goal! 
      • Welcome to the Cory Small show! Another Hi-light real goal! 
      • Colorado scores a powerplay goal in tic-tac-toe style in which all 5 players touch the ball. Sick. Alex Gajic with the tally.
      • The Rush are using the pick and roll. Just need to get the pass in there faster.
      • Scott Evans puts his head down and bulldozes his way to the goal to complete the hat-trick.
      • Zack Greer is without a point tonight so far.
      • This about sums up the Mammoth "O": Only 4 players have points for Colorado.
      • They're playing Friday! My Jam!
      • Alex Gajic PP goal is under review.
      • It shouldn't be a goal, but this is the NLL, they will screw this up.
      • And just like that they call it a goal. Bravo NLL, Bravo.
      • Amazing redirection goal by Andy Secore! Rush now lead 10-6.
      • Oh Cory Small marry me! (No Homo) 11-6
      4th Quarter:

      • Johny Lafontaine with the tranny goal!
      • Matt King is now in for Levis.
      • Zach Greer is spotted making King look silly! 13-6 for the Rush!
      • Joel Dalgarno scores for Ballerado. 13-7
      • Another disgusting behind the back goal by Jr.. His 4th of the night.
      • Scott Evans pots his 4th of the game on an unsuspecting Matt King! 14-8
      • JGJ hits the crossbar looking for his 5th of the night. He makes me cry tears of amazement. 
      • Alex Gajic takes his brother's pass and turns it into a goal. 14-9
      • Try to score on Dish? You wish!
      • Alex Gajic get the Mammoth within 4 on his 4th of the night.
      • Rush win and Cory Small has 50 points. All is good in the world.
      Stay tuned for the game recap.

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