Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playoff predictions: Round One

By Graeme Perrow

Since we did so well with our regular season picks (well, Alex and Avry did OK, but the rest of us...), we decided to do it again for each round of the playoffs. Don't worry – statistics will be kept, and a posting will be done after the Championship game to summarize how we did. The winner gets... um... bragging rights until next season.

  Bos @ Buf Roc @ Tor Col @ Cal Was @ Min
Avry Bandits Rock Roughnecks Swarm
Graeme Bandits Rock Roughnecks Swarm
Marisa Bandits Rock Roughnecks Stealth
Melissa Bandits Knighthawks Mammoth Swarm
Mike Bandits Knighthawks Roughnecks Swarm

Yes, I stole the icon idea from But see how I swapped the rows and columns? That's called creativity, is what that is. Actually it's not – our blog theme is such that having the table the other way was too wide.


  1. I am sorry Mike but I disagree with you here. I actually agree with Marissa on this but you are still cool.

  2. She just took all the favorites. There will be upsets!

  3. No she also picked Washington who has a road game.