Monday, April 11, 2011

Who is This Guy?

By Mike Wilson

In the Colorado Mammoth's rout of the Edmonton Rush last weekend (13-6), the Mammoth had an unlikley hero. He made him self known on the offense for the first time with perfect timing. I'm talking of course, about John Grant Jr..

He scored 3 goals and added 2 assists after being put on offense to help out the struggling unit a few games ago. In those games before he had looked good, but hadn't had the production he had on the weekend.

"I'm just glad to help out and grab a win" said a humble Grant after the game.

(Pictured: Humbleness)

Grant first came to the Mammoth in a minor trade in which they sent off their back-up goaltender to Rochester .The trade didn't get a ton of press in the summer, but it looked to be a good one, with Colorado finding a diamond in the rough.

Back with the Knighthawks, Grant was a frequent scratch as a defensive specialist. He got his big break when he was sent out West with all of the top lax players.

Grant will be able to further learn the offensive game now that he can watch and play against guys such as Scott Ranger, Ryan Ward, Luke Wiles, and Aaron Wilson. Colorado has their own supply of potential teachers such as Dan Carey, Brain Langtry, and Joel Dalgarno.

"The West defiantly has the cream of the crop on "O". I will definitely learn a ton"

The Mammoth are hoping Grant can keep this up, to help them with their playoff push. A win next weekend clinches a spot.


  1. Mike:

    I'm hoping this article is tongue-in-cheek.

    If it is, it doesn't come across very well.
    If it's not, it's a failure.

    The "minor trade" that sent Grant to Colorado involved Grant, faceoff man Mac Allen, and two first-round picks to Colorado in exchange for goalie Matt Vinc (likely not a backup, as you say, but NLL Goalie of the Year in 2010), Brad Self, Matt Zash, and two other draft picks.
    Some have called it "potentially [the] biggest ever NLL swap" ( article Jan 1 2011).

    To suggest that John Grant Jr. was a "diamond in the rough" and got his "big break" when he was traded to Colorado is ludicrous.

    He was and is one of the best OFFENSIVE (defensive specialist in Rochester? Um, no, definitely not) lacrosse players who ever lived.

    Grant holds the all-time goals, assists, and points records for the Knighthawks franchise. He spent 10 years there, topped 100 pts in a season 3 times, and also posted seasons of 97 and 95 pts.

    He has averaged over six pts per game in his NLL career (before this season) and is an 8-time all-star (he's only been eligible 8 times due to injuries).

    He also took the K-Hawks to the 2007 NLL Championship, and was named Champion's Cup MVP after he posted 8 pts (3 goals) in the final game.

    I could go on, but I'll stop there. It will suffice to say that the majority of the offensive talent in the West will likely be learning FROM John Grant, instead of the other way around.

    First rule of good journalism: know your subject. You obviously did not in this case.

  2. Dear Grant fan,

    I'm sorry you couldn't get the sarcasm. I am well aware of everything you stated as I have followed the league for a while. Please check out the other articles, as I hope they will help you understand that I know a bit about the sport.

  3. Grant Fan: That whooshing sound you heard was the sound of humour going over your head. Mike's article was pretty funny, but that comment is hysterical.

  4. "Whoosh" taken...I apologize, then.

    I obviously didn't pick up on it, like I didn't come across well at all.

    With the structure/spelling/grammatical errors in the post, it sounded like an amateur trying to make something out of very little information and a couple of quotes. I was somewhat surprised to see that here, as you guys usually put out very good stuff.

  5. You should have known it was a joke once Mike said that "all the top lax players" were in the west. That's just silly.

  6. Let me guess Graeme, your from the bunghole of Canada... Somewhere in Ontario... Nice comb-over you putz.