Friday, May 13, 2011

Playoff Predictions: Final Round

By Graeme Perrow

After two rounds and six games, it comes down to this. Well, for the Rock and Stealth anyway. In the Battle of the NLL Bloggers Who Don't Work For, not so much.

After a perfect first round, Marisa went 2-2 in the second round and leads the overall standings with a amazing 6-0 record. With only one game left and nobody else better than 4-2, she has guaranteed herself first place in the aforementioned Battle, finishing at either 6-1 if Toronto wins or a perfect 7-0 if the Stealth take it. Avry and I have had the exact same picks in each round so far, and Mike nailed the second round to pull into a three-way tie for second. And Melissa.... well, she got the Buffalo game right anyway. In the first round.

Here are our picks for the 2011 Championship game:

  Record Was @ Tor
Avry 4-2 Rock
Graeme 4-2 Rock
Marisa 6-0 Stealth
Melissa 1-5 Rock
Mike 4-2 Rock