Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playoff predictions: Round Two

By Graeme Perrow

The NLL Blog writers all made their first-round picks (except those who didn't) and here are the results so far. Congrats to Marisa for going 4-4! Not a single one of the experts over at got all four games right. Avry and I both went 3-4, both missing the Washington game, but it must be pointed out that I originally did pick Washington. However, I had a sudden loss of confidence on Saturday afternoon and changed my pick to Minnesota. Bad move. Mike missed the Washington and Toronto games so he went 2-4, and Melissa... well, she got the Buffalo game right anyway.

Second round picks:

  Tor @ Buf Was @ Cal
Avry Rock Roughnecks
Graeme Rock Roughnecks
Marisa Rock Stealth
Melissa Bandits Roughnecks
Mike Landsharks Arizona Sting

I told Mike I'd make up some picks if he didn't get them to me soon enough. But for posterity, Mike's picks were actually Toronto and Washington.


  1. and I actually picked Washington...

  2. I like your picks Marisa. Crossing my fingers that you are 6 - 6 after this weekend.

  3. As am I. I like being right.