Friday, May 20, 2011

Stealing From InLax: Boston Blazers Season Recap

Stolen From Marisa Ingemi

 A season mired with disappointments, the Blazers were just that. A disappointment, underachievers, any adjective you want, they were not as good as they should have been. Not even close.
In what was the most talented roster in the NLL the players also suffered some bad seasons. Josh Sanderson disappeared for long periods and Dan Dawson just did not shoot the ball enough. Sometimes the team looked emotionless and sometimes their star goaltender Anthony Cosmo looked like Brian Boucher.
And with most of this roster laden with two year deals, as odd as it is to say the Blazers are stuck with these players. Now 36 year old Casey Powell who did not seem right the second half and Sanderson who was lost out these at times. And now Cosmo may be the biggest concern of all.
The Stats-
Dan Dawson and Casey Powell were in the top five in scoring, which is nice. Not so much when it seems every single one Dawson had was an assist, but we will look at that more later. Cosmo somehow led the league in goals against average despite costing the Blazers some big games.
Sanderson suffered one of his worst offensive seasons after coming off leading the league in points.
The Pros-
Sanderson, Powell and Dawson are all great players and can turn it on whenever, we assume. They have all been MVPs of some sort in the NLL and Sanderson led his Roughnecks to a cup in 2009. Cosmo did play very well in the first half of the season and players like Jamie Rooney and Kevin Buchanan stepped up big time this season. Rooney, in fact, played maybe the best streak of lacrosse as anyone in the last five games of the season.
Kyle Rubisch also is developing into a star defenseman and he is amazing on the loose balls. And don't forget, Damon Edwards and John Orsen will be back next year.
The Cons-
The team just plain underperformed and seemed lifeless most of the season. They typically used an excuse of their warmups were not where they wanted it to be. I watched every warmup they had and it was the same routine every time.
Poor excuses and a poorly managed team equals disaster, especially when you have the inevitable egos of having the best players in the game. I wonder if Matt Sawyer will be kept around next season, or if he should be.

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