Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bet You Aaron Bold Is Headed To Edmonton

By Mike Wilson

Rumors have gone around that the Edmonton Rush are involved in a trade and I will bet you that Aaron Bold is a part of it. This is because of a couple of things said by Edmonton reporter Jason Gregor. He tweeted this just a few minutes ago: 

" Zero chance Merrill is moved. This deal is about making Rush better not worse. I know TOR is not team involved. Rush trade will involve a goalie. They need a young back up who can play. Hearing it will be big based on chat with NLL guy."

Why do I think this goalie is Aaron Bold? Because of this quote from Inlaxwetrust :  

" I suspect they will bring in a younger goalie. If I’m Keenan I would try to get Aaron Bold out of Rochester. Bold will never start there with Vinc, and Disher is near the end of his career. If they don’t get Bold, they will try to bring in another younger goalie with some experience to push Disher."

If not Bold, I would say Nick Rose out of Boston.

Not saying this is 100%. Just have a feeling. I'll throw a party if i'm right.