Monday, July 18, 2011

Can't Take The Heat

In Edmonton tonight, the temperature peaked at 27 degrees Celsius. Now that may not seem that bad, but it is when you are playing lacrosse in an arena designed to keep the general building warm. Even during the spring it gets HOT. I'm just glad my season ended at the end of June. The Heat is not fun to play in.

It was so bad tonight that during a RMLL playoff game between the Jr.A Eclipse and the Jr. Mountaineers from Calgary, the game had to be called because of unsafe conditions. The reason wasn't even the heat itself, but the sweat it created.

There were multiple floor wipes during the game and fans opened doors during the intermissions to cool the building. The refs strangely ordered for the doors to be closed before the game were to resume.

The game was eventually called halfway through overtime and will be finished in Calgary next week. The game was the 2nd of a 5 game series. The Mounties lead the series 1-0.

Heads up goes to Grant Smith. Thanks! 

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