Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Trade Rumors

By Mike Wilson

There have been some NLL trade rumors spreading around on twitter tonight, but our crack team at the NLL Blog have unearthed talks that have never seen the light of the outside world.

  • Every Star player in the league to Boston. The Blazer than fail to make the playoffs the following season. 
  • Colin Doyle to Edmonton for Brodie Merrill and then flipping both Merrill's back to Edmonton just to get Doyle back. (Although Terry Sanderson is no Mike Kloepfer)
  • Or to not repeat history: Grant and Levis to Toronto for Leblanc and Patrick Merrill. Then COL flip Merrill to Edmonton to play with Brodie.
  • Edmonton trades all it's players for new players of equal caliber and fails to make the playoffs.
  • Swarm trade current jerseys for ones that psychologists have proved to promote migraines. 
  • Cory Small elsewhere, breaking my heart.
This is all we have for now, but stay tuned as we find out more.

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