Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rush Make Huge Trade; Croswell, Cousins, and Wilson Head North.

By Mike Wilson

Ok, I wrote a post yesterday saying I think the Rush were going to acquire Aaron Bold. I was wrong. It was much bigger.

The Edmonton Rush acquired F Aaron Wilson, G Kevin Croswell, D Ryan Cousins, and the 10th overall pick.

The Swarm then acquired the 6th and 31st overall picks as well as a second rounder in 2012.

For the Rush this is a sweet deal. Lets go through this player by player:

Aaron Wilson- Finished 3rd in team scoring on the Swarm last season ending up with 23 goals and 34 assists for 57 points. On a team the struggled to produce offense,  this is a great addition.

Now i'm going to say it, last seasons struggles were not for a lack of talented personnel, but because of players not playing up to their potentials. Ryan Ward and Andy Secore both had rougher seasons than usual, Secore more so because of injury troubles. If the Rush can get the returning players up to full gear, the addition of Wilson will prove even better.

Everybody on the offense benefits if it has success. The more looks you have the better.

Ryan Cousins- Adding another defender needed to happen after the departure of Rory Glaves and Ian Hawksbee. The Rush had problems with "D" after a season where they were one of the best in the league.

Kevin Croswell- Let's all welcome the new #1 goaltender to Edmonton. I believe he will do fantastic this season and suck next season. That always seems to happen to Rush goalies.

From a Rush perspective i'm exited. From a Swarm perspective, i'm confused.

I think that was a lot to give up for moving up a few spots and acquiring a couple more picks. They must REALLY like who they think they can get at #6.

In a trade that involves draft picks, we won't know who won for many years, but as of right now, the Rush have the lead.

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