Saturday, July 16, 2011

"The Show" Gets A New Time Slot. Fan Excited

By Mike Wilson

Luke "The Show" Wiles has been traded to the Buffalo Bandits in exchange for 2 draft picks, a 2nd and a 3rd rounder.

Wiles scored 29 goals and 31 assists last year for 60 to go along with 9 points in 3 games with the Stealth during their playoff run.

Wiles was traded so he could be close to home, but I think the happiest person out there was Hinda Koza, the fiance of Bandit Chad Culp.

(This Guy!)

(Note: Hinda has told me that she does not condone the stache! "It was Movember, but still...awful.")

She sent out such wonderful tweets as "It's like Christmas in July!!" and "if by thing, you mean amazing!!! haha I'm endlessly entertained by Luke. He's officially my 2nd fave Bandit"

Now Luke is a friend of theirs, but if all lax fans would be exited like this when trades come their way, the lax world would be even more awesome!

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