Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Best And Worst Of NLL Mascots

Pictured: Me upon meeting most mascots
By Josh Bourhis

Mascots can bring joy to little kids, or make them cry. They can pump up a crowd, or make you never want to go outside again. They can make you feel good when you're down, or give you nightmares. So what does this post have to do with lacrosse you ask? Mascots have been in sports for years and for a fun post I thought I would talk about the good, and the bad of mascots.

We don't have a deep history, but we can tell you there have been some real... interesting mascots.

See them all below the jump!


Titus the Titan: Not much is known about him, except for the fact that it's the guy on the logo, just looking like a goof. I personally cannot stand this guy. First he reminds me of a trojan condom ad. Second this costume looks like it took five minutes to make. Third he obviously did nothing to help the crowd get pumped up, as there is no team there any more. *Sigh* Embarrassing.

WTF Mate?
Alright, this guy. Uh wait, what? This is not a lacrosse mascot. This right here is a Wampa from Star Wars and looks a lot like...
This Guy!: 
Uh, not a lacrosse mascot...One more try: 

Slush and Freez of the Edmonton Rush! Slush has been the Rush mascot since their inception and they added Freez a couple years ago. Overall, These guys are pretty cool!

3. Rax The Raccoon!

Looks like a fun loving mascot right? Well this demon of a mascot showed its true colours a few years ago. As Quoted from Jazzy#21 from the wingszone NLL Forums:

"Rax came down to our section a few years back and tried to be entertaining. He grabbed my kids hat to be funny and get the crowd going and during his own excitement, that 'coon runs off with the hat! Never got the hat back! So now when I see that klepto 'coon, I'm gonna punch Rax in the paunch and remind him he owns me a hat. Still to this day waiting"
 I bet he's stock-pilling the hats to make a nest, or what ever raccoons do.

4. The MadDog! 
"We Steal the ball and we're off to the races, then scare the other team off with our Mad Dog Faces
Anyways this mascot has nothing to do with Wings, so I'm at a loss here. Oh well.

5. The Honey Badger:

Okay, as much as the whole obsession with Honey Badger's has gone too far, this mascot is actually cool. Only problem is, why did they replace Derrick Driller? That was the Calgary Roughnecks symbol for years!

Classic Derrick Driller
This guy was incredible! You can't just get rid of him. Although, the honey badger doesn't give a damn.

6. Flaming Golf/Lacrosse Ball??
Okay so this guy is uh? Well we aren't entirely sure:

I thought it would be appropriate to end my article with quite possibly the WORST mascot ever. Almost worse than this:

Yep, no mascot can beat this mistake..

Thanks to all of the people that helped me out on the forums at wingszone, you guys made this so much easier!

Leave your favorite/ least favorite NLL mascots in the comments!

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  1. How could you possibly forget Wooly? He is by far the best mascot in the history of the NLL.

  2. I just decided to do a few. If i did all of them the article would have been too long. Maybe i will do a part 2 and include all of the mascots i didn't put in this one in the near future. Thanks for the input! :)