Saturday, January 28, 2012

GDB 2: Stealth Mission

Tonight the Edmonton Rush will travel to Everett to play the Stealth after losing 13-12 to Colorado in their home opener last week. The Stealth are winless this year after losing in overtime to Philadelphia last week, and Calgary the week before.

For Washington, Offense has been a problem that they haven't had in quite a while. Lewis Ratcliff, who finished second in league scoring last year, currently sits 34th, while Rhys Duch, who finished 4th last season, sits at #22. They also have the lowest goals per game average, scoring only 9.5 times a game so far.

Even more good news for Washington fans is that neither Eric Martin or Jeff Zywicki will be playing tonight because of injury. Wait did I say good news? I meant the opposite, bad news.

If there is any glimmering light right now it's the play of Tyler Richards who is sporting a .780 save percentage and a 10.71 goals against average.

Edmonton's offense looked good last week and could prove difficult for the Stealth defense, which has never been the strongest part of their team.

Keys To The Game:

Edmonton: Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots-
If there was a fault in Edmonton's game last week, it was the fact that they were outshot 54-41. If they can get more shots on goal, the goals will follow.

Washington: Make The Stars Shine-
Duch and Ratcliff may be off to slow starts, but if they get going again, the Stealth offense becomes one that is hard to match.

Prediction: Edmonton 16-14 

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