Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Rush of Excitement

This is What the Stealth Looked Like Tonight.
By Josh Bourhis

The online feed was bad, there was no sound, but it was an exciting game for the Rush as they shot down the Stealth 16-5 to go 1-1 on the season.

The Stealth dropped to 0-3 and looked invisible in all phases of the game. Their big name players, Duch and Ratcliff, combined for 21 of the Stealth's 48 shots, and contributed only two goals. To add to the list of negatives for the Stealth in this debacle, was Tyler Richards, making just one save before being pulled in the second quarter after nine goals against. Dean Hill in his first game against his former club did absolutely nothing, but then again, who from the Stealth did?

The first half began the same as last weeks, with the Rush taking an early lead, but unlike last week the Rush kept their foot on the gas and entered half-time with a seven goal cushion. Corey Small and Shawn Williams lead the charge with four points each. The Rush in this half got lots of good shots and started to cut through the middle, something they didn't do enough of in their opener last week. The second half was less of the rush putting the pressure on, and more of them maintaining the lead and getting out of this one. It's always good to have a big lead, but it's hard to keep up the same pace all the way through.

Highlights for the Rush include "Stone Cold Aaron Bold" having a fantastic showing, with a .896 save percentage. This is the type of game he needed to play this early in the season, to gain confidence in his first year as a starter.  Corey Small, who tallied eight points, recorded as nine on, but should be eight as he cannot have an assist on his own goal, was the top scorer in the game. Other players with a fantastic game tonight were Shawn Williams with a six point night and Scott Evans, who helped with a six point night also. The Defence played great and was a major contributor to Bold's night as they helped keep the shots to the outside where he could see them easier. Kyle Rubisch was the defensive stand-out, collecting 13 loose balls, and playing his man close all night.

Key Points: 

-This is the Rush's largest margin of victory in team history, with an 11 goal margin tonight.
-The offence exploded tonight, taking good shots and capitalizing on their chances.
-The Rush were 24% in the faceoff circle, which has been a problem for many years, something that if improved, will set them apart from majority of the teams in the league.

-At least it wasn't 20-5. Sorry, I'm not Helping am I?
-They now know they have a lot to fix.

3 Stars:

3. Scott Evans: 2 Goals 4 Assists 7 Loose Balls 2 Penalty Minutes

2. Corey Small: 2 Goals 6 Assists

1. Aaron Bold: 43 Saves .896 Save% 5 Goals Against

Final Grade:

Rush: A-

Stealth: D-

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