Monday, January 2, 2012

Yo Yo Yo

What's up folks, like Mike said in his last post welcome back to the NLL Blog! We've been gone for a bit but don't worry we will provide you with plenty of juice Lacrosse content this season. Allow me to re introduce myself

-I'm Avry Lewis-McDougall writer/co owner/goof of the site.
-I've followed Lacrosse going on 12 seasons now and have enjoyed every one.
-Cover mainly the Rush but the rest of the League will get love because I'm un-biased like that
-I had to do this after losing a bet to Mike last season...

-Not my best bet to lose and as you can see I'm a black lacrosse reporter and I could have used some lotion on my hands.
-Follow me on twitter at @Avry

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