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Con Bro Chill Excites with Début Full Length Album

By Josh Bourhis
From Left to Right: SAMM, Con, Steve, Ty

There is no better way to describe Connor Martin than a party machine. He shows it when he plays professional lacrosse, and in his spare time decides to make an album that really sums up the "Lax Bro" personality in an eargasmic 34 minutes. Connor talks the talk, using coined lax terms, such as "Broseiden" and "Rook Show", and walks the walk, making an album that may not cater to 100 percent of the population, but will keep the lacrosse lover and the party/dance genre lover listening. "3D Music".

The Album Cover

The album begins with Martin being his usual funny, goofy self. This is the introduction titled "Welcome to 3D music". The electronic riff with Martin's voice talking quietly in the background could pump up anyone, and is a great start for the album. The only thing that they could have done is have the music from the intro flow right into the second song, instead of the quiet pause.

Track 2 titled "Partied Out!" is one of the most radio friendly tracks on the album, because of it's simple catchy chorus. It has a nice breakdown that is perfect for a club, and returns back to the chorus.  This is the song that could be on a Top 40 radio station. This song above all others could make them famous.

The album transitions into their single "Power Happy", placed perfectly on the tracklist for the people new to Con Bro Chill. These people will hear the song they know early on the album and it will make them want more. This track has a good beat, and has lyrics that after a few listens you can pick up and sing. This will be the song that everyone at a concert will know. Another radio friendly song, but won't garner as much attention compared to "Partied Out!" if it were to reach radio play.

Great synths and a smorgasbord of different sounds are the highlights on the track "In Sie Cloob". My problem with this song, is too much spoken word. Not necessarily a good song to put right after two songs that got the party started. The spoken word, lyrics and overall vocals could turn a lot of people off who don't know Con Bro Chill's style. This song would work better placed in the latter half of the album.

"Dance Thief" is another radio friendly song, that has probably the best riff on the album. The "ohhhs" throughout the song can give chills because they just fit the song so well. One of the best tracks on the album.

The album here takes a slight turning point towards the rock themed part on this album, "Born Free America" is just as the title says. It talks about all of the things in America that make Con Bro Chill proud along with many other Americans. The guitar solo is perfect for this song. Another track that just makes sense on the album.

"Arena" continues with the rock theme, and the background music is great. Same problem with this song as i had with "In Sie Cloob". The spoken word is too goofy to become popular. Now that we have "Arena" on our minds I am going to go a little out of the way and skip a couple tracks to talk about "Arena (Arena Version)". This does not include Con Bro Chill's spoken word in certain parts of the song. This Arena version, is so much better. Proof that it is better: It has already been played at a NHL game in Minnesota at the Excel Energy Center.
Broseiden Connor Martin at his finest
Alright, the next song, "Come To My Party". This is a low on the album. It is actually the first song I ever listened to by Con Bro Chill. It was on the NLL 10 soundtrack. This is the one song that I always skipped over. It is just a little too "foolish" for me, but has decent musical tracks. As much as I don't like this song, the music video is really funny. Check it out here.

The next two songs are very short, and Con Bro Chill I thank you for this. These songs are the buzz-kills on the album. They just don't make sense when you look at the rest of the album. The names of these songs are "It's Lonely at The Top of The Charts" and "Anno Domini That Old Lady". Just by the title of the second song named you just know it won't fit on a dance album.

Okay back to the good vibes with "Rook Show". Not much to be said about this song except for it is pure awesomeness. It has exciting "Ohhhs" to start the song and continue throughout until the end. The lyrics are probably some of the best on the album as they are motivational. A good track to have towards the end to keep you entertained to the end.

The final track on the album, titled "Epic" is just that, and is the perfect outro for an album that was majority dance songs. It has the same riff that was in the intro song, just played a little less intense, to end the album on a good vibe.

Final Points:
-I find that Con Bro Chill is stuck between wanting to be a really good dance band, or a occasionally funny comedy band. They should stick with wanting to be a really good dance band. 
-This album is full of Dressing Room Anthems, which will have any lacrosse player drooling over the album

Top 3 Songs:

1. Partied Out
2. Dance Thief
3. Power Happy

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 Good
There were a couple songs that made the latter half of the album lose it's 3D feeling.  Other than that it is a good album that if more people knew about, would surpass many albums on the charts.

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