Saturday, February 11, 2012

Geoff Snider Is Turning His Haters Into His Motivators

Yes, after his Roughnecks defeated the Washington Stealth last night, a few lacrosse fans had some choice words for tough guy Geoff Snider, who had 1 goal, 9 penalty minutes, 10 loose balls, 14 faceoff victories, and a fight on the night. Not only did he noticed the tweets that were directed his way, but he Retweeted them for all to see!

Oh Snap!
Oh No She Didn't!!
What brave people they are as I personally would have been afraid of him punching me in the face through the internet. He doesn't take crap.

But did he throw beaks back? No, he'd rather embrace the hate and make the haters look foolish. Awesome.

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