Sunday, February 5, 2012

Late String of Goals Slips Mammoth Past Rush

By Josh Bourhis

The feed was better, and there was a blizzard (see picture below), but the outcome was worse as the Rush fell to the Mammoth tonight 11-7 to fall to 1-2 on the season. The Mammoth have started a surprising 5-0 and don't look to be slowing down, because of the consistent offensive output by John Grant Jr. and Adam Jones.

Unnecessary Commentary.

The first half began with the Rush being outshot by a large margin. By the end of the half the Rush caught up in shots, and seemed to have the better of the scoring chances, but were down 4-3 at the half. The game remained very even until the last five minutes when Colorado took control, scoring four unanswered goals to put the Rush away.

The game was chippy throughout, and brought some Rush players, two especially, to reach their breaking points. Captain Jimmy Quinlan took a high shot at John Grant Junior, but received no penalty, whereas Scott Evans did the same thing to another Colorado player, and received a five minute major for high sticking. What made matters worse was Evans actions in the penalty box, taunting the crowd, and having words for Rory Smith who was also in the penalty box for a roughing call. These were very uncalled for actions late in the game

In the end the Mammoth put the nail in the coffin at the right time and continue to impress.

Key Points:

-The Rush need to get more loose balls. They were out manned 75 loose balls to 48. Getting more loose balls could have prevented the four unanswered goals in the last five minutes, and this could have been a different outcome.
-Scott Evans led the Rush with 3 Goals and 1 assist.

-Levis played outstanding on the night, recording 44 saves and having a .863 save percentage. What really stood out was his lateral movement. The Rush had many chances for the cross crease shot, and Levis was fast getting across.
-John Grant Jr. continued making it look too easy out there tonight with another 8 points. Adam Jones potted 3 goals and 1 assist to continue his strong rookie season.
-Rookie Jordan McBride had a good game, also scoring 4 points in the win.

3 Stars:

3. Jordan McBride

2. John Grant Jr.

1. Chris Levis

Final Grade:

Rush: C+

Mammoth: B

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